Ordering from the US from West Sumatra

Hey guys, I moved to West Sumatra some time ago and I'd like to buy some stuff here from the US online shops. Most of the ones I want to buy from don't deliver to Indy, so I guess I need to use some package forwarding company.
My concern is whether delivering to W Sumatra wouldn't take much longer that to other parts and whether there aren't some big troubles with taxes. Any experience guys? I'm considering https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.shipito.com vs https://www.trustpilot.com/review/planetexpress.com

Maybe different companies have different delivery times? Price wise is Planet better but what about time? Thanks

I've bought food from the UK twice now. When the first package arrived Customs had opened all the packets of Twiglets, squashed my Battenburg cake and opened my malt loaf. Second package they did less damage and my Christmas cake was undamaged. Packages took 4 weeks for the first package and 3 weeks for the second.

My wife ordered some special crafting supplies from Europe that included several jars of specialized paint. Two out of the three jars had been opened and the lids not screwed back on properly causing leaking in the package and messy looking jars with paint all over them.

I've also received brass door fittings for the new house, and those arrived in perfect condition.

We haven't had to pay any import taxes on anything so far. However, Customs do not take care of packages very well.

Anything delivered by post from outside Indonesia is liable for import duty if total cost is £100 or US$135 (estimated at today’s rates), and worth checking for updates, if hand carried its SG$250 per person or SG$500 per family group
They are a few specialty distribution places in Thailand I have used in the past (will look up later) little pricy but usually I have received these after 3/4 days with no issues with customs, they are several in Singapore and Malaysia also but I’ve never used them ones
When I visit Thailand or the uk I usually bring 40kg of supplies at a time with no issues at immigration/ customs
As a rule of thumb anything that holds liquid they will open to test for explosives and drugs

The only exception is is baby formula if child is traveling with you it’s unlimited to hand carry but they may want to test it/ X-ray etc

DHL from the uk usually lands Jakarta within 24hours, if for example baby clothes T-shirts etc and under £100 it’s usually  at my door in batam 4/5 days from ordering, (I tend to order at a weekend for processing immediately and to hit jakarta on a Sunday night Monday morning if possible, make sure in the address you have your local contact number, I use DHL as they have been good and live tracking online, if you use live tracking and every so often you see “customs processing/ processed “ and NOT cleared call them as you will have import duty to pay and want you to confirm you’ll pay before an attempt is made to delivery, some items regardless of value carry import duty ie trainers/ gym shoes etc sometimes if your lucky your parcel isn’t pulled, electrical goods are a pain at times due to safety/ voltage different plugs etc

I ordered product from Amazon twice. And received within the timeline they've mentioned. Though both time customs opened my package and once they charged me 20k IDR as tax. The courier company paid that Tax for me and asked from me while delivering the product to me.

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