today's earthquake damage?

Hearing about a lot more earthquakes in Ecuador is making me nervous.  We are moving close to that area in Ecuador next year.  Are earthquakes increasing.  We understood that the big one early 2016 was an abnormality.   I'd like to hear from anyone living close to Bahia de Caraquez.

Earthquakes overall are not increasing in Ecuador, but if earthquakes are a big worry for you, you should realize that Ecuador and that part of the world is subject to them happening at any time.

Small tremors may be felt fairly regularly in many parts of the Andean countries in South America.  Here is a list of notable large earthquakes for Ecuador, three in the last 20 years (not including today's near Manabí): … in_Ecuador

Hopefully some forum members in and around Bahia de Caráquez will weigh in with their experiences and advice.  Personally it is a factor to be taken into account but not a determining one.

Earthquakes are unpredictable, including whether they are on the increase and how that would affect you.

Limit your exposure by choosing to live in a domicilio that is up to modern quake-resistant standards .. or moving to a location not right on the Ring of Fire zone.


Living in Olon... 6:28 this morning got a wake up and stepped outside to chat with the neighbors then back to bed. Inconvenience but no catastrophe.

Was in Montanita in April 2016. That was interesting but after the 300+ followupmshakes got pretty inured to small tremors.

... Was having a great dream so only damage was a bad mood all morning ;-)

imagine that... I live Guayaquil and felt nothing thou I read it in the news it was kinda strong and lasted for about 20sec. I hope you are okay and about the dream, worryless you will have a blissful one tonight. jaja

I just found out it was a 6.0 which is a pretty strong Quake. I felt nothing at all, and not because I was sleeping at the time because if I was living in a high-rise, a 6.0 on the coast would have woken me up and shook/swayed the entire apartment. I was oblivious to this Quake because I am living in a low rise now which is essentially a house. This was one thing that I was able to control in terms of dealing with quakes in Ecuador.

Earthquakes are unpredictable, and can occur at any time, especially in prone areas. This is the reality of living in earthquake prone areas. We felt a 4.5 in Quito last year and it was nasty and completely different from the big one. The big one was terrifying because it lasted so long, but the 4.5 (actually 2 of them in a span of 1 month) was in Pichincha and was also an OMG moment because there was no swaying but more so a quick lifting of the terrain underneath the building. I hope this post put things in perspective in terms of randomness.

The epicenters of this 6.0-magnitude earthquake and the big quake of April 2016 were only 20 kilometers (about 13 miles) apart.

However, there is no conclusive evidence that the two quakes are related.

In the Bahía de Caráquez area not far from the quake, many buildings suffered superficial damage this time with masonry falling.  Various stores report losing TV's and other valuable electronics falling from shelves.

A national assemblyman reports that some of the Bahía-area buildings that were rebuilt since the earlier 7.8-magnitude quake were damaged again in the past week's quake, although apparently they were not leveled.

Eight schools in the Bahía-San Vicente area were ordered closed today (Monday, December 4, 2017) so the buildings' structural integrity can be assessed.


Not good that buildings were not property re-built after Feb. 2016 quake.  Is there no government requirement do build for seismic activity since that large quake?
thanks for answering.    Do you live close to this area..not sure from your blog if you are still in Ecuador.  Love to play poker but did not know casinos existed here in  past years.

booannie402 :

Not good that buildings were not property re-built after (the April) 2016 quake.  Is there no government requirement to build for seismic activity since that large quake?

Thanks for answering.   Do you live close to this area?.. not sure from your blog if you are still in Ecuador.  Love to play poker but did not know casinos existed here in  past years.

Keeping track of the government's new building regulations and enforcement of same since the big one last year .. is beyond the scope of 99 percent or more of the Expats who participate here.  The exception, I suspect, is Susan, who lives on the Ecuador coast and may keep track of such matters.  As always, we would welcome her input.


I am staying at an hospedaje one mile from the Ecuador-Colombia border .. and within easy walking distance from the casino that has the only legally-operating blackjack table in southwestern Colombia.  Ecuador's casinos were closed in 2011-12.

cccmedia in Ipiales, Nariño, near the Ecuador-Colombia border crossing
        known as "Rumichaca"

Is Cuenca in the ring of fire?  It didn't look like any of the earthquakes on the list were near Cuenca.

There was a 4.0 magnitude earthquake 3 days ago near Cuenca:

But Cuenca has not had a major earthquake for 500 years or so.

Just FYI, it's a logarithmic scale - a 4.0 magnitude earthquake represents 1/100 the shaking amplitude and 1/1000 of the total energy released in a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.


Which is why I dont pay any attention to them at all....Maybe a syncopated step or two........But having been in real big ones, like a 7.6 in Costa Rica years ago (also in April) and various 7s and 6s.......a 4 is a walk in the park.......I would have thought el gobierno would have implemented much more rigid building standards since the big one........If they havent done it, then they are remiss in a very serious way......I understand that most of the more recently built structures withstood the impact of el terremoto grande.........It was most of the old buildings which either didnt have any or had only a little rebar in them and no doubt a poor quality of cement........Can anybody tell me if Canoa is back to life again, and things moving smoothly there?

We had a little one in Quito today, a 3.8, it woke me up because a painting in my bedroom shook for about 10 seconds. I went back to bed.

Why would a 3.8 earthquake shake a painting in a low rise building?

Because the epicenter of the earthquake was very close to Quito or about 10.5 kilometers as stated by Instituto Geofísico.

It would appear that either there is nobody from the Bahia or Canoa area on this site, or that nobody else knows......Just amazes me how difficult it is to glean information on anyplace outside of the big cities.....Are you all city slickers?

Last May El-Comercio published an article which described Bahia as being abandoned. It also reported that most residents who remained moved south to a Leonidas Plaza, an area many now call "New Bahia."

Things are progressing slowly, but hopefully as more time passes and residents and businesses return they will be some posting activity from that area.

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