How to get passport and iqama for new born in KSA

I am Pakistani. Hv given birth to my baby in Al Jubail. Plz guide me the whole process for baby registeration , PP and Iqama provision process.
My husband is trying to apply baby NiCOP via online medium but error occurs against his CNIC is that your marital status is Un married while our marriage certificate is registered in Nadra and attested by MOFA.
Plz guide.
Jazak Allah Khair

Hi Beenish Khan and welcome to :)

I invite you to have a look at this link : , it might help.


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Dear Bineesh,

Please send your husband to Pak embassy Al Khober, he can update his marital status then you can apply for baby NICOP.


Any idea that how much they charge for data updation and how much time do they take?

50 riyal s charge. it.s take 7 days

Thanks Brother

no problem sister.


your husband need to change his status to married than only he can apply for your new baby nicop
documents required are :
parents nic
parents passport
marriage certificate
birth certificate (to apply for birth certificate you need above documents plus hospital birth notificationand iqama copies no fees payment)

after 15 days you will received nicop just attached nicop copy with above mentioned documents take appointment go to riyadh apply for baby passport

hope this will help you

Thank u


Now at Nicop step
But system each time says about baby 'pic that face is not detected, eyes not detected etc. How and What to do?
Any idea.

it was happened same with me pictures taken at home with mobile will not work you need to visit studio for baby picture and upload

Did same and that one also not being recognized by system.

what is the issue its file size or eyes or face not recognized ?

Hi Bro

V r done wd pp , plz confirm is it mandatory to get the medical insurance ov baby before applying for iqama?

yesssss 100%

Ur baby was born inside the kingdom or outside?

in dammam KSA

Hmm. Thnx.

Beenish can you guide me how you get registered with nicop any link

Please send me link for nicop registration and let me know the charges of nicop id

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