How do I know if a Vietnamese girl likes me?

I love to read your posts; they are hilarious but give out losts of info. Please go on Mr. Yogi, Colinoscapee, Briansmith, Bazza, Thigv, Fred, Gobot and Mrs. Ciambella. I haven't heard from Mr. Eodmatt though! May be he is away on a business trip? Have a good day everyone!

Move on, and look for someone that wants to be with you. Good luck

Guest Poster 156...I’d say she Probley wasn’t interested in you from the start.A lot of asian will push their daughter off on marrying a American Guy to be their gateway into the USA .Me myself I’ve dated girls from Loas,Flippians,China and Vietnam.All have different culture back grounds.Heres alittle bit of my story that I’m dealing as of right now ...I’m White American late 40’s and professional..I got to get my hair cut at a place that I’ve been going to for the past 15 years.So the business has been handed to family to family and then sold to this new lady who’s Org from Vietnam and she’s had it about a year.Shes sweet and nice and is in her late 30s a very beautiful asian lady  ( Note:I later find out She married to the maitence  guy of the building that absolutely treats her like crap a total jerk )so here and there I buy and bring her dinner just out of being nice  Anyways we talk about her culture and my cluture a lot and one day she asked me what year I was born so I told her and she was like Oh wow we would be perfect together than shortly after that she’s like I really like tall men Note: I’m 6’3 and her hubby is like 5ft I said ahhh ok but I didn’t think to much of it as the months went on everytime she sees me with him not around she gives me a hug when I show up for a hair cut and one as I’m leaving now she’s at the point with out him being there. She is giving me a long emotional hug a kiss on the cheek.Right before Christmas we were talking about Christmas Shopping I said I liked one more present and she said for me for me well really it was for my Mom but I bought her something simple because it is Christmas so I took it to her and she was so excited and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek my question is she just being is is she just doing the hug and kiss as a friend Tp keep me as a loyal customer or is she wanting to be more than just friends ???

Jayton1970 :

..I’m White American late 40’s and professional..........She married to the maitence  guy of the building that absolutely treats her like crap......

It sounds like she is ready to raise her marital status by using her looks to move from maintenance man to professional (unspecified but certainly above maintenance man.)  Her interest may not be truly romantic but it sounds sincere;  just not the sincerity you are seeking.   BTW her Viet ethnicity probably has little or nothing to do with her intentions.  Women factor male income, partially if not significantly, into choice of mates in many cultures, including most in the West.

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