Nom d'usage in the case of a divorce


I am an American citizen living in France with a titre de sejour.  I am nearly finishing a long and painful divorce from my French ex-wife.  The judgement has been mostly favorable to her (quelle surprise?), with the exception of one detail; she requested to keep my last name and was denied.

She has subsequently asked my permission to add her last name to our 6 year old son's to create a hyphenated last name - a 'nom d'usage' which she assured me would have no effect on me.

In essence I am not against this procedure, and she needs my permission legally, but.....

Our divorce has been long -3 years-, expensive, and full of subterfuge.  I am worried that a nom d'usage might complicate things for my administrative acts here in France, for the renewal of my son's American passport, and even eventually for him within the French system.

I also feel that she is, once again, not being totally honest with me and counting on my naivité, and ignorance of the French legal system to, once again, trick me into something not in my interest, but purely in her own.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this?  I have a lawyer, but at 250euros an hour am loath to get back into this when I'm just getting out.

Thanks in advance.

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