...breaching job contract..

Hello everyone  here in this site
Just to ask info and advice about this matter..
Call me jeneria..i work here in saudia a domestic helper..the problem is..i want to quit in my job contract for two years..im done only one year..my reason is my employer is not actually following the exact rules in my job contract with her..
..i just only rest 6 hours everyday, she ddint even provide a rest day..beside from that..she ddint also given my salary in my exact monthly period..
..i speak to her to quit in my job..but she said I must pay all the expenses she paid in the agency..
Is she right..???
As far as I know maybe I just only pay back for her..if..i ddint finished my one year.. but since I done..i think it's just only fair for her??
I'm asking her only to pay her balance salary to me and I will spent my own ticket to back in my country...
...please guys, I need your comments  PLEASE..
I wanna hear it from you..

Is there any way you are in contact with the agency that brought you to your employer?? if there is, contact them and let them know your employer is not going according to the contract and hence you did like to leave.  They are the main people who can help you out of the contract.

Or better yet just reach out to your consulate or embassy in riyadh and let them know your case, they would be also willing to help. Good Luck

..THANK  you sir..

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