Accommodation in Doha on a student budget

Hi everyone,

I'm a Journalism student from Belgium and will be doing my internship with Al Jazeera English in Doha, Qatar from March 19 to June 5 2018. I'm struggling to find an affordable place to stay during this period, especially since the internship is unpaid and I really have to watch my budget. I've been trying to find something for a few months now and no luck so far. My budget would be around 500-700€ a month, which is even a bit expensive for Belgium, but I can't find anything for this price in Doha.

I am looking for a room + bathroom in a shared flat or a small stand-alone studio. I will receive a scholarship for this internship, but I still have to keep all my expenses to a minimum. I hope someone here can offer some advice on how to proceed in this situation or what my options are.

Thanks very much in advance.

Kind regards,

Hi Katya,

You should perhaps contact the Garveys European Family Club. They have furnished rooms to et at relatively reasonable cost. ***

Good luck!

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Contact Before you come i have the same exact (a Room with Bathroom in a nice Villa) but not sure if it's going to be Available by that time

Hi Katya, hope you have found something. I am struggling for the same for one of my European female interns arriving in beginning of February. If you found something, please let me know as well. Thanks!

Dear Katya

Hope you have found a good space , if not send me a message , i will try to help you.


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hi , please help me find a room affordable for me and my working in salon at new slata and my husband work in lusail area, please give me idea of a place where we can rent a room middle of my work and his work.ty


Please have a look on this website livingqatar

Thank you

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