How To Get Driving License in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

  Well here I want to share my experience of getting a driving license in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Getting a License is not an easy task in Saudi and I personally feel that the criteria  in Yanbu is way easy then other cities in KSA. So try in yanbu and get your licence its easy.But still it is little tough for the new expats as you are not familiar with the language and the documentation.

I just passed my both driving and a computer test in my first try/chance, so those who are misguiding you please it’s my humble request stay confident and you'll get it quite easily.

But before test you have to complete your documentation file, and I will tell you, please do all the documentation in a proper file as the Marror (Policeman) will not entertain you unless your documentation is not filed properly.

Here are the following steps which will help you for completing your file, but please follow these steps before visit the Driving School:

1. If you have a driving license of your country, just translate it into Arabic (Language) from any translator but keep this thing in a mind,Personal translation will not be entertained.
2. Copy of your Iqama.
3. White Background Passport size pictures at least 4-6 (Quantity)
4. Your Visa copy for medical Test in hospital.
5. Get  a  green file.

Some peoples say that they ask company letter but for me they did not ask any company letter.if you have, file it or no need (it is not compulsory).and it is easy to take licence for even labours.
(without knowing to company).

After completing the above five  steps, you may go to Driving School along with your file or above mentioned documents, then go to Information window and give your file to Marror (police).Now he will check your documents and ask you to take medical Test.

Now you have to go for Medical Examination at -Sameer AL Saeedy Hospital, Yanbu,(3kms from driving school, check in google map).Take your visa copy.Go to Reception and say them you want to take Driving medical test,they will guide you .The hospital fee will be around 135 SR and it contains following Medical Tests: (Both Tests will be done)

1. Blood Test
2. Eye Sight Test

This takes just 30mins.They ask your VISA copy (don’t forget).They don’t give report to you they will send the result to driving school. you will receive a text message from hospital that your report has been sent successfully. keep that message saved.

Now again come back to Driving School and submit your file (same Information window)
Marror then give you a slip (Hand written slip) in which date and time will mention. So be on time on particular day otherwise they extend your test.

Now, don’t panic or nervous as the above test is not the final test, it’s just a routine based test in which they Check/Examine either you know how to drive or you have to go for Training.

Keep this thing in a mind, that everyone is listed for the training for minimum 3 hours upto 90 hours.After that they will ask you to pay for training fee around 435 SR.and they will give you fee paid slip from when the  training starts.

If you get training for 30 hrs. Go to classes in morning and evening for five days continuously you will finish the classes quickly. (Time-morning 7am, Evening-4pm).

Take that slip to training classes regularly it’s like attendance they will sign in it. And I personally feel that Training is very important as you will familiar with the vehicle and the computer test. They will give you the training for Parallel Parking as well. Which are the most important and the main part of your driving test. As trainers are not patient don’t listen their words. (As I am southindian not good in hindi and Arabic) I can’t understand them. Be cool and learn by yourself.

After completing the training, trainer then give you a final date for your Driving and Computer Test.
Be on time on the Final Date and don’t panic or nervous. It is very easy when compared to Training.

You just need to focus on following things:
1. Fastened Seat Belt
2. Use Light Indicator
3. Stop your car properly in front of Stop Sign
4. Don’t use your neck to look back while parallel parking, use the side mirrors (Most Important)
5. Please be caution while parallel parking; Try not to hit the Barriers.
6. Park the car inside the rectangular boundary
7. Please, don’t let your car switch off. (Most Important)
8. For computer test please read the (Sign and Information) Traffic Manual Properly, You can get it from the driving school whenever you want. I passed all the questions just because I read them more than 50 times
9. You have to answer at least 15 correct answers out of 20.there is a skip option you can skip questions if you don’t know any answer.
10. Sometimes, they ask the general question very confusingly. So please read carefully as you are good in English it is very easy.
After passing the computer test, just pay the final fee for the License. This is like 420 SAR for 10 Year and 220 SAR for 5 Year.

That’s it,
All the Best !
All the above information is based on my personal experience
If Anyone come across any changes in future edit this and update.so it will be more helpful for others.   
As updated on DEC 1-2017


Dear Sir,

In YANBU, please provide me the address of approved Arabic Translator for translating my indian driving license.

Thanks and Regards

You really don’t have to get a translated license but if you must have one, go to any travel agency ex: al tayar which is located in Alnawah in RC and they will translate it for ya. I think it cost SAR 100 or so. If you’re planning to stay for more than a year in the Kingdom, I’d advise ya to get the saudi driver license

But, to get saudi driving license without test , i heard we have to submitt our arabic translated indian driving license.
Is it still applicable in yanbu or what is the latest procedure to get saudi driving license ?


translator is available inside driving school

hi prem im prathap from chennai currently in jeddah.i want to contact u..just send a mail on ***thanking you

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