Will  my Spanish TV work in PY?

You should be OK.  Standard voltage is 230V in Spain, 220V in Paraguay, frequency in both countries is 50Hz and power plugs are compatible.

Pg id PAL N
Spain is PAL B/G
Both use type C sockets with mains at 220v/50hz
Most modern TV are multi standard so it'll probably work fine but you have to check the manual.

Now for the big question - Is it worth the hassle of taking a TV a third of the way across the globe when you could simply buy one over there?
I would take my TVs but the things are LED projectors that would happily fit in hand luggage. There's no way I'd hump a large TV all that way in the hope baggage handlers don't play football with it.

Take your point but in our case the tele is but a small part of the crates we  are packing.  I am not a tecla but I heard Video sistems were different and thought maybe tvs would also be diferent. I also believe printer ink cartridges bought in PY wont work on my Spanish printers.

It's the audio systems that differ but mosts sets will cope with anything. The manual will confirm that.
This only applies to signals from the aerial, not HDMI inputs.
HP printers have a reputation for not accepting ink bought out of area and are nothing but trouble if you want to use refills, that being the reason I think HP printers are crap.
Check on google for any printer but double check if it's a HP.
Come to think of it, their customer service has been rubbish with a pup of a laptop I foolishly bought so I have to put them down as total crap in that area as well.

Thanks. You encourage me to take my tvs.   Agrede with you about HP. My maj or printer is Epson. I will take a year supply  of cartridges. Ciao

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