What should one do when his appeal for student visa is rejected?

Hi everyone. I am a Malaysian and I have an inquiry about a situation that a dear foreign friend of mine is facing. I would be grateful if anyone could help enlightened me on my inquiries.

My friend was unable to renew his student visa. His appeal at the immigration was rejected, citing to consult with his university. University just gave him a "You didn't progress, so yeahh. Sorry."

My question is, how can he fix this problem?

I have tried reaching out to a few immigration lawyers and consultants but they are not much of help in shading any clarity on this subject.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you. :)

Nothing to do. If the university does not think the student is able to follow the course they can end his/her enrolment.

Friend may be able to apply for another type of course, perhaps at a lower level, and then should attend regularly (so not working when supposed to be studying)

If immigration thinks the person is using the visa to stay in Malaysa and not really study they will continue to reject any applications.

I see. Just to clarify, he must enroll the lower course in the same university or any other university in Malaysia would do?

It is just a suggestion and it will depend on what courses of interest are available. His study adviser at the university should probably be approached for some advice, especially on what courses might be suitable. For example, if your friend is having problems because he does not have sufficient English language skills, that would be a place to start.

I see.Thank you so much Gravitas for taking the time to answer my quiries. This is the first time that someone has actually shed some light to me on this. You have been a great help! :)

Hi, sorry to join this topic so suddenly. I actually have the similar problem right now. I would like to ask Gravitas a little bit.

I just got my student pass renewal rejected and the EMGS does not allow any appeal for my case. So, I was advised to go back to my home country. I was studying business (Bachelor's Degree) in Malaysia when my student pass renewal was rejected and I am planning to apply to different university that is also in Malaysia to study culinary at Diploma level and apply for a new student pass.

Is it possible? Or will there still be any reason from the EMGS to reject my new application?

Thanks in advance!

It depends on why there was a rejection. If it was because of non-attendance then there could be a problem applying again. Your student counsellor should be able to assist you.

My problem was because attendance rate below 80%, low academic result, and exceeded the course duration (I already studied for more than 3 years but haven't graduate). However, all these happened because I didn't want to study business, and I was kinda pressured mentally to study business from the start and I didn't give up because didn't wanna disappoint my family.

Do you think the EMGS would understand that?

Do you know any case in your experience where one have the chance to study in Malaysia again in different university and course after having the student pass renewal in previous institution got rejected?


So you were working?. That's what EMGS think....... so I guess they may not approve any more student passes.

No I am not working actually. I still come to classes but I skipped some too because I was not interested in the course due to the problems I stated before.

In the case if the EMGS rejects my application for new student pass for different course to different university due to that reason, is it still possible to make an appeal?
Or any appeal will still get me more rejections by the EMGS?


Hi. Seeking for assistance.

My son visa post arrival application was rejected due to failing medical check up.
When can he re submit his new application?
how long is the cooling period?

Which type of visa? For employment passes there is only Appeal route when failing xray and bloodtests. An appeal is rather pointless as second opinions are not entertained.

Treatment is required in home country until health problem is under control. Some diseases are not accepted among workers in Malaysia. So potentially the cooling is open-ended depending on diagnosis.

He will have got a 30 day stamp on arrival and must leave the country by that date. Failure to do so will permanently prevent future employment in Malaysia.

hi. seeking for advice

In my case, Immigration malaysia has rejected to issue sticker for the student pass while EMGS malaysia had approved for my visa renewal. The reason of their rejection is there are some subjects that the attendance is less then 80%. My institution had appealed but it is rejected by immigration. They told me that immigration decision is unfair as they had never seen a case like this where my attendance and result is not bad.
Please advise

Reading all the comments mentioned here, I'm also scared in this regard that may be  I'm gonna face same trouble as I submitted my passport yesterday to college for the renewal for 3rd times (My actual 2 yrs course has already finished but I didn't take part any exams). Student counsellor told me that, two cases have done successfully done! But I'm really scared as my Running visa will expire on 26 December 2018....Keep me in your prayer mates...

what do you mean by two cases successfully done ?

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