Visiting other Schengen countries without residence permit


On of my team member who has a  Belgium long term D visa and  need to visit Rome and Poland (14 days) for business meetings just after arrival in brussels (within 2 days ) . he may not have time to go back to apply for residence permit . After Rome he need to  I go back to my home country.

Is there a legal issue in doing so


Hello every body. My wife have card A temporary  resident card in Belgium she want go outside from Belgium for four month. Anybody can tell me she must inform  the camune first or no need to inform any camune .before leaving Belgium. Thanks

Hi [at]count48, were you able to locate an answer to your question? I'm looking for an answer as well. Thanks!

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Thanks [at]aneeshks!


DId you try to travel ?

Hi, i guess she don't need to tell anyone . If she has valid card either  temporary card or permanent card she can visit all schengen countries .

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