My husband lives in France and im in Cali. We want to move me to france in June.... Is there any way in the meantime he can be sponsored to work here in the US til june so we dont spend 6 months apart?? I cant sponsor him cause i dont make enough money.

Virtually no employer is going to bother with the paperwork to sponsor someone for 6 months!  There's significant cost involved and by the time USCIS processed everything, the 6 months would be up anyway! A big waste for an employer. 

Why can't you just go visit during this period, or have him visit you under VWP (assuming he's French) to make the time apart less?  Otherwise, probably need to just be patient until you move.

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You've received many excellent advices on your other thread (Married to a Frenchman) on what to do to move to France as spouse of a national.  Why would you want to find a way for your husband to move here for a short period of time to work, then move back to France? 

Since he must already have a job in France to support his living before you came into his life, moving temporarily to the US means quitting his job, and then find another one after 6 months when you all move back.  Is the loneliness so unbearable that you wish to upend his (which eventually be your) finance situation?

Buy a ticket to France for a visit as Romaniac has advised.  It would cost much less (even if you take your 3 children along) both for now and in the long run than whatever the scheme you have in mind.

BTW, I'm speaking from my own experience here.  For the 3.5 years between 2001 and 2004, I lived in Europe alone while waiting for my husband to reach retirement age and join me.  That's a long time to live in a country without friends or family, in a small town where no one spoke English.  Still, I managed to keep myself busy with language classes, volunteer jobs, and adapting to the local customs, culture, and activities.  This was before Viber, WhatsApp, Tango, etc, so there was no free international phone calls or unlimited text messages. didn't even exist for advices.  My contact with husband and children was once-a-week phone calls that cost an arm and a leg.

Loneliness is a state of mind.  You will feel much less lonely if you stop indulging in it.  Use the next 6 months to *really* learn French, not just staying at beginner level.  Talk to your children in French.  Think in French.  Learn everything about your new country.  The more you become familiar with French culture, the less difficult your marriage life and your new life will be after you move over.

VWP?? What is that??

The spousal Green Card process will take longer than six months.

meghannrobbe :

VWP?? What is that??

Visa Waiver Program - it allows passport holders of certain countries to enter the US for travel purposes up to 90 days without a visa. No employment including virtual.

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