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Hello, I will be going down to Brazil to marry my Brazilian fiancé next week, on a tourist visa. I lived in Brazil on a student visa from 2013-2016, but worked in Spain for 9 months and am now visiting family in the US (my country of citizenship.) He has been in to the cartório in the town where he is currently living in Goiás and we're confident that we have everything in order for the marriage, but he hasn't been able to travel to the Policia Federal in Goiânia to ask additional questions about the permanent visa. My concern is regarding the address for the visa. He's a teacher and his current contract will be up before the end of the year. His apartment lease will also be up. After marrying Jan. 4, we plan to apply for the permanent visa, leave our extra things with a friend in Uberlândia and take an extended honeymoon around Brazil to visit friends and his family, finishing with Carnaval in BH. He is currently trying different teaching concursos, but we still don't know what his job will be after Carnaval, and whether it will be in the same town in Goiás, in Uberlândia, in Cuiabá, or a different town in Goiás, so essentially, we won't have a permanent address and won't be "home" if the PF do a home visit during that month and a half. Does anyone know if proof of address (comprovante de endereço) is required, either for just him or for both of us? It isn't on the list of documents on the site, but it seems like something that would be requested. I would welcome input from anyone who has experience getting a permanent visa through marriage, particularly at the PF in Goiânia (I assumed we should apply in the same state that we marry, is this true?) I wouldn't like to wait to apply since all documents need to be within 90 days and I already got my FBI background check two weeks ago in order to have time to get it apostilled before traveling. I would hate to have to do it all over from Brazil. Sorry so long, just trying to be clear. Thank you!

Hi there,
I too married my Brazilian husband while staying on a tourist visa. As far as I can remember, we needed our birth certificates, passports, and his proof of address (I had none). We never received an at home visit... once we had all of the papers in order at the polícia federal my permanent residency was granted in the spot. Good luck!

Of course the Policia Federal will need your address for paperwork and to establish your qualification as a bonafide recipient of a permanent resident permit.

You should get married ASAP now because he needs the electricity bill as a "comprovante de endereço."Or why don´t you get married at the town where he is living now and use the address of a friend or relative for your permanent resident application? I haven´t heard of Policia Federal visiting a residence for verification purposes.
The advantage of that is that someone can stand on your behalf that you´re on your extended honeymoon and will be back to pick up the permanent resident card and to clarify things if there are anymore inquiries...

For marriage, they will use your birth certificate and passport.


Thanks for the response, australianinbrazil! Were you referring to the papers you needed for the marriage or for the permanent visa? I know we will need the proof of address to register the marriage, and he'll use the one he's currently living in. But by the time we are married and I can apply for the visa, he will no longer be living there. Also, if you don't mind me asking, in which year did you marry? I saw that some procedures have changed recently.

Thanks for the response, robal! We will be getting married asap in the town where he is currently living - I will arrive, pick up the official translations of my docs, bring them to the notary to authorize the translator's signature, go to the embassy to get a certidão de solteira, then we will register the marriage on Dec 15, and we were informed by the cartório in his town that we will be able to schedule the actual marriage for Jan 4! We'll use one of his bills as proof of address to register, the problem is that later when we marry and I apply for residency, he will no longer live there. Your suggestion of using a friend or relative's address at the PF may be the best option. I was just worried that he would need proof of address for that one, which we wouldn't have. Do you happen to know anything about the procedure for changing our address, once we have our permanent one, or whether it's necessary to go to the PF in the same state where we were married (which will be Goiás) or where we will be giving our address (which may be Minas)?

There will be no home visit. Give the address where are when you apply. If you have all of the required documents you will be granted the RNE on the spot and the CIE will arrive in 60 days give or take.


You are required as a permanent resident to inform the Policia Federal of your new address everytime you move. I also have not seen visits by the PF to verify addresses.

You can go to the nearest PF office where you´re living to report your new address. It doesn´t have to be in the place where you were married or where you applied for permanent residence.


Thanks Jim, I appreciate the info!

Thanks robal, that's helpful! Does that also mean the PF won't be asking us to show comprovante de endereço when we inform the address?

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don´t. The best thing would be to just bring an electricity or water bill or even a lease contract if you´re renting.


Hello, Please  a friend of mine got married here in Brazil for the past 4 years and 5 months, now his marriage has problems, the wife is asking for divorce, so my question is that, will he loose his RNE perminent resident permit after divorce ? concerning the new laws, please i need your help for me friend. Thank you

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