Sending $$ from the US to the DR

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well. I have a question regarding money transfers from the US to the DR. I want to send money to the DR the most cost effective way. Outside of wire transfers, western union or money gram, what other ways are there that have worked for you all? Also, what are the transfer caps? $1k? $2k, $3k?

Bruno R

You mentioned the ones I have used and know about. Sorry I don't have other suggestions

Bob K

I've mentioned it before. My pension is deposited in a U.S. account. I write a check on that account, give it to a check cashing guy. He charges $3 off the top at the full daily rate to the decimel. So far for any amount. I'm sure he has a daily limit, but I have no idea what it might be. There are many people who provide this service. They are NOT street people. They have highly secure shops. You write the amounts, cell # & date. Leave to whom blank. That is it. less than 5 minutes & I have my months dinero in pesos.  It is the fastest, cheapest way I know to get money here. Good luck & have fun always.

Forgot about the check route. I have used the guy in Sosua a few times with no problem

Bob K

We use linked to a bank account...pick up within minutes at caribe express anywhere.  And you can transfer ~US $2,900 per 30 days...more with more verification

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