How to stay in Saudi with my Saudi husband when I am british

My husband and I married in the UK, where I am from. We met while he was studying on a sponsorship. Now he has a job in Saudi Arabia in the eastern province and cannot leave for 5 years at least, and even if he wanted to, it is an amazing company for him to work for.

The problem is marriage permission, and so far all we have read online is that he needs to be over a certain age to get marriage permission to marry a foreigner and stay in Saudi Arabia with her. We thought living in Bahrain together might be easier, but his job is in Saudi Arabia so he can't get a spousal visa, and even if he could, our marriage would have to satisfy Saudi Arabia. Also, I can't get a job in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain as I don't speak Arabic and I am supported by my husband as I take care of our home, because when we have a family, I want to stay with the kids.

Is there anything we can do? From what we have read, it looks like I cannot join him in Saudi Arabia, or Bahrain. Can a Saudi national obtain marriage permission to marry a foreigner even if he is under the age limit? We are both in our early 20s.

Would living in the compound of his company make any of this easier or even possible?

Please help, we are both extremely worried about this because based on all the info we have so far, it doesn't look like we can be together.

You say this is not impossible, but would it be something I could do for the long term? As I said, husband is working in Saudi for at least 5 years, would Bahrain not have an issue with me extending my visa like this for that long?

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