Hi Everyone

Hello All

I'm Wes, an Expat living in Alicante in Spain. I'm originally from London in the UK but have been living in Spain since 2002. Well, most of the time anyway..  :)

Thought I would drop by and say hello

Best regards

Wes Dunn

Hi Wes 👍Micky London also moving to Spain shortly. 1977 ? Good year to be born

Hi Wes,

My husband and I have rented a place in Alicante for March 2018.  Any ideas about things to know, do, etc.?

Jacala Kinney

Hi Mick

We have plenty in common me and you, we should get on well, best of luck with the move, no better place to go amigo



Hi One Adventure

Funny you should say that, I do actually have a blog that talks about all the best things to do when you come here, I'm based on the Orihuela Costa about 10 minutes from Torrevieja, 50 minutes south of Alicante. If you know exactly where you are going then I can probably give you a list and a link to one of my articles. (assuming I can post a link which I think I can)



Yeh looking forward to it now mate getting the wife and chavies out of here it ain’t the place to be no more. Moving Quesada area big move but gotta be done mate. Keep intouch on here always good to get to no people 👍

I would like to see the link mate aswell

I Know Exactly what you mean Mick, I left for good after 7/7, I was working at USB Warburg at Liverpool Street Station station that day.. Pains me to see what out city has become but on the positive side, we don't have any of that rubbish here. Quesada is beautiful also, about 20 minutes from me, only slight gripe I have is it's a bit of a drive to the beaches. I suppose when you live here you don't visit them that often anyway.

More great news here is they are building more schools, more are coming here which brings more money and opportunities for people. This is only going to go up with the problems everywhere else in Europe as everyone is coming here now from all those places..

This is the top place in Easter Spain now

Where abouts are you mate ?

Hi Mick

I'm re-working some of my pages but most that will interest you will be on the Costa Blanca. I have articles about the top things to do in Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm, Costa Blanca and most other places that are not far from where you will be living..

Guadalest Valley
Algar Waterfalls
Canelobre Caves are some of the top attractions within an hour of you

You have 2 water parks in Torrevieja for the kids, we also have some of the best beaches in Europe..

This link is for my home page, you can have a look around if you like.

Spanish Costas & Islands

I'm in Playa Flamenca on the Orihuela Costa Mick, About a 20 minute drive south of you, I'm about 10 minutes from Torrevieja.. Probably quite a few more people in my area than yours but not been to Quesada for a while now..

Yeh just had a quick browse pukka 👍

Do you live in toraveja

We went there to find a house but got f.....d about by a free lancer trying get keys etc of estate agents was a nightmare !! Liked it there aswell .

wesdunn1977 :

More great news here is they are building more schools, more are coming here which brings more money and opportunities for people. This is only going to go up with the problems everywhere else in Europe as everyone is coming here now from all those places..

So Brexit is not making people unsure?

Spain still has high unemployment compared to the rest of the EU.

Thank Mick, drop by whenever you like, there are hundreds of articles on there. I'm about 10 minutes from Torrevieja

My site is on this Google map as Costas Online Spanish Costas.. Shows you exactly where I am mate.

Google Map

Hi yes bit scary regarding the work front front but gotta be done got to take that risk. As for Brexit nothing will change it’s just a load of rubbish in my view

There are a lot more foreigners in the UK than Brits living here, think there is around 1.5 million of us in Spain.. This country is the number 1 for tourism in the world so they are not going to ban us or throw us out. It's down to what the EU decide anyway. We should have the same rights in Spain if you have a residencia (residency) as foreigners will get back in the UK. Currently you are only supposed to stay here 6 months if you are not a resident but it dont get enforced..

I think we will have to apply for a visa every 3 years to stay here. Unemployment among the youngsters is high all across Spain unfortunately. Most Brits that come here to live set their own companies up.

Will do mate.👍

I will have to think to set up a little buisness. My wife teaches English so hopefully she can get some work in a school or some private English tutoring

Give me a shout if you are stuck with anything Mick, I've been here a long time now and can probably point you in the right direction with most things.. Important for us when people do come here they have a fighting of making it..

All the best mate  :)

There is a massive group on Facebook call Orihuela Costa Buy and Sell, I set it up and managed it for about 8 years, I handed it over to someone else about a year ago but that is a good place to look for work. think there is over 30 K people in there now. there are also big groups closer to your place.

My speciality here is websites so if you need one of those then let me know mate


Thanks mate that’s much appreciated

best of luck Mick, see you out here soon hopefully :-)

Hi Wes,

Thanks for speedy reply!  We'll be in a condo in downtown Alicante from 3/1- 4/12 .


Good old Cockney Slang.. Kinda miss hearing that but it would drive me insane if I had to listen to it all day after all these years  :)

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