Permanent residents aged 60yrs and above with "RNE Indeterminado"

I once read at this forum that permanent residents of Brazil aged 60yrs and above, with RNE expiration of INDETERMINADO, can travel out of Brazil without the restriction of the 2yr regulation.

I´ve been trying to research the evidence of a written proof to no avail. Can anyone confirm this, and present a link to an immigration provision of the matter?

And if this is true, how many years can a holder of an "RNE Indeterminado" stay out of Brazil without
the permanent resident visa being cancelled by the Policia Federal?


Unless something has changed, You still have to adhere to the 2-year rule.


If my faculties don´t fail me, I remember Gotcha184 from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte at Pipa Beach mentioned that the 2yr restriction doesn´t  apply to RNE Indeterminados...

Gotcha184.... Hello!!!!


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