English man comming to the philippins

Hi all iam comming to the Manile in the philippins for 2 weeks in Jan for a hoilday, from England, and if anyone would like to meet up please let me know

Where are you staying?

Hi there iam staying with me girl friend in Manila

Why come all the way here? There are much nicer places near Brazil.

its a long story, but my wife and i are not together and ive moved back to england
ive been talking to a lady from the philippins for a long time now, so its about time i met her
so thats why iam comming to the philippins

Have you been sending her money?

no nothing they have never asked me, whats a bit strange,

I am a filipino but pls be smart and be careful to the people arounds you while you staying here..just saying.

Welcome to the philippines in advance!😊many of us are so friendly and hopitable,we're always smile even we have a problem or even we have a poor life. .im happy because you trying to go here .as a friend of you,i advice you to become smart and be careful espacialy to the people arounds you while you staying here. .i am a filipino but i dont want to tolerate the bad attitude of other pinoy. .pls be careful and have a safe trip. .


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