Looking for a Scholarship in an 'English speaking' country?

I have a good friend who requires somd information please.....Does anyone know what the chances are or the procedures for an African lady who will qualify in Russia next year... as a medical doctor with a doctorial degree.

She is looking into the possibility of gaining a Scholarship  to enable her to do an internship with the aim of being a surgeon in 2/3 years time.

1) What is the likelyhood if her getting permission/acceptance in the UK  and what are the best proceedures for her?

2) Does anyone have any knowledge of her chances in another English speaking country eg
USA Canada Australia New Zealand  as well as the UK

3) She will not only qualify as a mducal doctor with a doctorial degree next year but also speaks English French and Russian
Your advice/ suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I'll have a go at question 1.  I just had a quick look around the Internet and Scotland appears to be the place to look; this link will take you to the website for Medical Training NHS Scotland.

Thank you that is great!...any more helpful suggestions are really appreciated!

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