Good VPN recommended?

Hello, guys. Sometimes I need to visit foreign websites which have been blocked in China, so I need to use VPN. My friend has recommended "Lantern" to me, but I didn't have a satisfied experience with that. Would you please kindly recommend some better ones?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Have been told 'express VPN' is good. 8USD  per month. I can't get it on my phone though. Will sort it when I go back to UK for vacation.

Hello, Geoff123. Thanks for your reply, I will search more information about "Express VPN". Have a nice day.

Lantern is hit and miss.  I haven't been able to access sites for over three weeks now.

I have accessed to sites only for a few seconds by using Lantern. :(

There are alot of VPN available in the market which can unblock websites in china.
I used ivacy and express in china. Both worked fine. I would recommend you to visit their websites and get the deal that suits you the most.

Hello, MichealC. Thanks for your reply which is really helpful. I have consulted the support agent of IVACY. Have a nice day.

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