Mountain bike & hiking clubs or groups

Hi all,

My family and I are moving to Tamarin in January next year. I am looking to find out if there are any mountain biking & hiking clubs in the area we could join?



Yes I know for the Mauritian.Its soft hiking..mountains..nature etc.They organise it once a month.if interested let me know.

Yes please, I would love to join. I went once with a group in 2015. We met in the back car park of London Way up into the mountains and it was great. Good people and beautiful surrounds. Thanks for the reply.


Please can you let me know about this mountain biking club too? My boyfriend is keen to join as well :)

Thank you

Can anyone advise if I need to bring my walking boots if I want to do hiking in Mauritius or will normal trainers do? Thanks!

Hello people... i used to organize hiking in forest cave mountain waterfall etc once a month... feel free to join...if you need more information inbox me...or add me in fb yassir taker

I just use my normal trainers. As long as they have decent grip as some areas can be a bit slippery if there has been rain

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