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I am in college in the US getting a biology degree . how hard would it be to work in china with a biology degree?

That depends. 

How good is your Chinese?
What can you bring to a company that a Chinese biologist cannot provide?
Do you have any special or unique skills that would make a company hire you over a Chinese?

My chinese is great. Know 4 of the dialects and what can I bring? Not sure. I have a degree and my work ethic is great. Skills. Well I worked in zoos with zoologist and learned alot from them.

Well then, it does sound like China would be a good destination for you.

I cannot give you specific information on where to go.  But, I would advise you to do this;

1.  Get on LinkedIN.
2.  Make a profile.
3.  Start a career search using it within your target industry and within China.
4. Connect with recruiters in HK, Sinagapore, Taiwan and China.

That should get you started rather quickly.  Best of luck.

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