Advice pretty please - moving to Shanghai

Hi there,

My soon-to-be husband hopes to move us to Shanghai through his current company - a move we both very much want. But, as he will basically need to apply for the position in Shanghai (as opposed to being asked to move), we will need to find accommodation, a GP, a dentist and I, a job or I'll go nuts :D!  We have no idea where to start, which is why any advice really is much appreciated!
We're sure his company and colleagues in Shanghai will offer advice but we would like to get advice from people who have made the move or are looking into it too.

My fiance has started "talks" with his current London team and introductions are soon to be followed with the team in Shanghai, so we hope the move will happen within the year.

At this point, we are mainly looking for whatever advice you have regarding cost of living, so that when the salary talk comes round, we know roughly what we need to be earning.
My fiance will be the "breadwinner" as he is much further into his career than me and I will look for a job once there, though it'll probably need to be an entry level job, as my previous job was  within the charity sector.

But of course, we would also love to know what community exists  for expats and what it's like living there - we are so excited to move!

Thank you so much and looking forward to any advice you may have :)


Hi Nicole,
My name’s Eleonora and I live in Shanghai since 5 months :) since you’re looking for a job from outside China, the best option is LinkedIn, otherwise on in the section “jobs” or sometimes on “TimeOut Shanghai”. About the living costs, Shanghai is the most expensive city in China, but with a basic salary of 1,500$ you can still pay a rent and live quite well, especially if you appreciate the local cuisine - foreign restaurants are quite expensive compared to Europe. For health services I’d suggest you to buy an international health insurance yearly plan that would allow you to be covered in case of necessity with a staff that is also English speaking and assisted in structures with good standards. And finally a little tip about the “salary talk”: for what I’ve seen during my work experience in China I suggest you to always show humbleness and try to emphasize on your capabilities and expectations, otherwise trying to stretch too much the cord only on the price is considered extremely rude in Chinese culture and the employer would probably decide to withdraw the offer.
I hope that my suggestions would help you somehow, and I’m sorry if you’ve received an answer just now. Personally I wasn’t checking this forum since quite a lot ahah.
Good luck 🍀👍🏼

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