Human Resources Ex-pat From US Looking To Network In Shenzhen

Hello everyone --

I'm relocating to Shenzhen sometime late 2017, certainly by February 1, 2018.  I'm looking for opportunities in Western-owned or -focused companies, or, Chinese/American collaborations.  My experience and successes are in HR, Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting, and Benefits ... in Real Estate, Property Management, Education, Retail, and, Media Broadcasting.  Anyone looking to bring on board a candidate such as myself, or, can you steer me in the direction of someone who is ?  Thanks.  --Robert

I'd like to help you, but I cannot.  However, I would like to offer some ideas and suggestions.  I hope that they will be helpful.

I used to work back and forth in China and the USA.  I started to enjoy my times in China, and Wanted to stay.  I met a girl and fell in love.  Bought a house and all that.  I made the jump.

However, I thought that being an Engineering Manager would be enough to get me work in a nation that is full of factories and high tech opportunities.  I was wrong.

I had to obtain an ESL diploma, and then started teaching English in China.  That was the only way that I was able to be in China and was able to work.  Then, over the years, I was able to make contacts and eventually numerous opportunities started to open up for me.  I first became a manager of QC, even though my background was in design.  Then I had an opportunity as a project manager.  Then I had an opportunity as a division manager, and now I am the GM of Asian operations.  It was a long haul and not an easy path.

I was willing to take on the cultural differences, and truthfully as long as I go native, all is good.  Every few weeks I have a hamburger or pizza.  Luckily you can get mashed potatoes at KFC and my wife speaks English with me all the time.

DO NOT TRY to replicate your life in the USA to China.  You will fail.

Instead, make every effort to start new and fresh.  Yet, be very careful about your move.  If you are looking to have a comfortable retirement, I would suggest Thailand or Cambodia instead.  IF you want to find work in China and move on to a new PHASE in your life, then the move to China would be a good move, but the older you get, the more of a shock it is.

I know many Americans who moved to China, only to high tail it out after two months.  Don't let that happen to you.

Best of luck.

HR in China will be a tough sell.  The laws are all completely different.  You know that us expats don't fill out W-2, W-4 forms, and we could care less about PC behaviors that would cause HR in the states to cringe.  Drinking and smoking at work is not only permitted, it is NORMAL. Women must show their pictures and tell their ages on interviews, and they can be declined if they are ugly or too old. You will never need to take a urine exam, and the reporting requirements for China are completely different than the states.

You might have better luck in Singapore, Taiwan, Macao or Hong Kong.  Again, best wishes.  Sincerely.

Found this in my linkedin inbox...

"Someone in my network who delivers exceptional training and development solutions to companies in Hong Kong, Macau and China is looking for someone to join their business in an advisory/business development capacity. If you have a background in HR, training or delivering solutions of this nature, have a strong network in the region and would appreciate a flexible working arrangement, drop me a note at mat[at] and I will connect you"

Hi Vannrox --

Thank you very much for your detailed and specific reply.  I will definitely heed your warnings and take your advice into consideration.  I appreciate the time you took to reply to me.  Thanks again.

-- Robert

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