Possible move to Tashkent

Greetings from Dubai!  My husband and I are considering a job offer in Tashkent at TIS.  He will be teaching and I am not yet sure what I'll be doing.  We have been in Dubai for a year and a half, but are originally from the US.  We are looking for a quieter lifestyle with four seasons- we are tired of the desert. So- if anyone would like to share their set of challenges they had in settling in Tashkent and what they love about it- we'd be happy to hear!! Also- we have a small dog we will be bringing.  Anything about pets we should know?  Will we need a car and if so, is it a costly process?
Thanks so much!
Mary and Paul

Hi Mary,

Tashkent is a very nice city, quite, and safe with good restaurants, mild climate. It does get hot in summer months - over 40 celcius but the climate is dry so if you have an AC, you will do fine. It's not as fancy and developed as Dubai but it is a good, safe place where you will live in a relaxed tempo. There are beautiful montains in Tashkent, lots of places to hike. Prices are much lower than in Dubai for everything. People in Uzbekistan are generally nice and warm. Food is good, at least I like it.

Make sure you take care of your registration when you arrive here because fines are high if you fail to do this in time. You can buy a car for 15-20k USD, a nice one and sell it when you leave.

Good thing about Tashkent is that it is very safe and very clean.

Hope this was helpful


Thank you Beck!
We have accepted the position and will be moving to Tashkent in August of 2018.  Luckily we won't need to worry about the registration because my husband's employer will take car of that.  We are ready to leave the desert for a greener, more peaceful place! Thanks again for your thoughts!


Hi Mary,

Are you in Uzbekistan. Still need a piece of advice?

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