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I have been working here for 2 years, my work permit expired the 21 october, They told me they will not renew my contract, then my last working day it will be the 12 january.
They hadn´t renew my work permit (neither my family´s) I have go out twice of the country but we can´t going out every month until 12 january.
What can we do?
There is one payment for end of employment?

Thanks for you advise

You should leave the country as you are here illegally without a work permit or dependent passes. If the company has written to you they should pay you until 12 January. They should have given you 3 months notice BEFORE the end of your visa. Ask them to process your tax clearance immediately.

Thanks, tomorrow I will process it,  what can I do to stay legally until January if the company don’t renew the contract and the work permit?
We have to go out every month until January?

There is nothing to do unless the company is prepared to request a Special Visa but it is so late now, it will cause problems and may get you deported and blacklisted for 5 years. I suggest you go quietly to preserve your ability to work in Malaysia if that is what you want. So look for another job immediately and get a new EP with another company. You will, however, have to be outside Malaysia while it is processed as that is the rule in your case of expiry of the EP.

An outsourcer

Tks, but we do not want to rest here, we only want to stay legaly until they pay us.

You are staying illegally because work is not permitted on a tourist visa. Do remember that if dealing with authorities here.

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