Health insurance

Hi everyone..

If there is someone experienced with health insurance in Thailand, please let me know.

I would be interested in in and out patient and maternity insurance (complete).

Thanks a lot!

You might try speaking with the hospital you plan to use and see if they have a recommended maternity package.

Thanks :)

I have Bupa and I agree with villagefarang that asking for insurance company recommendations from hospitals is the best option.

Ok!! Thanks a lot

I hope you have found a doctor you are happy with as a few of the western women I have known said they struggled to find a doctor who shared their ideas about child birth.  Just something to think about.

Thaivivat star 5-6 is good for expat
Also there is insurance called expat by expat
Just search on Facebook u ll find it

Thank you very nuch for your help

With a broker from Hong Kong I got a health insurance from CIGNA. After one year (without claim) they increased the premium for 24%. No special reason given.
I looked for a German broker, who suggested MORGAN PRICE. After one year (without claim) they increased the premium for 25%. No special reason given. This is a British Company, not insurance but administration for an insurance from British Canal Island. So clients have no rights.
Now I changed to a European insurance based in Luxembourg: GLOBALITY. This is under EU laws and they publish their tariffs.

Thank you!!

Luma Health Insurance have a high cover maternity package and have direct billing with lots of hospitals around Thailand.

Heard that BUPA is no longer offered in Thailand. Cigna is good though.

I agree that Cigna is also equally good. Best to check the specifics of the plan coverage. Cheers.

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