Any Canadian retirees in Cyprus? Some advice please...

Living in Toronto and looking to retire within the next couple of years. My husband is retired. We both have Canadian passports and, given he was born in Ireland, he also has an Irish passport.  We want to plan our move to Cyprus.  Most important is to figure out how health insurance works.  We don't need international insurance but local insurance.  I read all the blogs on the subject but feel that they're mostly focused on Europeans or more specifically on retirees from Great Britain.  Any Canadians out there who can share their experience?  Much appreciated!

If you work or one of you works you can pay into the state system here via social contributions and get state healthcare for both of you.

If retired and not working then am afraid it may be private healthcare insurance - Personally i would investigate the Irish EHIC for your husband and yourself and that way that night be used  for both of you to be treated under pensioner rules of an EU member state whereby  the EU home member state (Ireland)  would pick up the costs of the healthcare provided here

As your husband holds a Irish passport he will be treated as an EU national and can as such apply for registration here as such and you can too as his dependant family member - Cyprus must then treat you the same

I d also check this out too for a medical card here under EU national status … dical-card

Thank you so much for replying so quickly!  We will definitely check out the EHIC and the link you so kindly included.  We will both be retired and looking forward to our next adventure.
Keep well and thanks again!