Residency /schengen visa

Hallo my name is salwah from Kenya.. Me and my boyfriend applied our residence application in September after a month they called my boyfriend about us about our communication and pictures just proof to see if we are really a couple. I got an email for the interview in December, my boyfriend wants me to apply the tourist visa to visit him but am afraid since I read here that,the visa takes 2months to get it they send it to the immigration (because we applied for the residency)  plus also when Ian in Sweden in this visit my application would be paused until I come back to my country... For me I think it's better to wait for the decision after the interview... Please anyone who knows about this rules or how it goes please attend to my question..
I'm glad its going faster for us since people tend to wait long for even an interview 😁

Hi swalah I'm Kenyan too I did apply for a reason union visa too but I haven't received an interview call or email yet..and now we have decided I and my husband to apply a visiting visa same case like you  want the same answer you are looking for too incase you were told kindly let me know too.

Sorry mistype I meant re union ( long term visa)

Hey anyash how long did you guess apply ?? I will be going to the interview soon so I will ask the immigration agent if its possible to get a vising visa while waiting on the decision to be given the residence permit ...will keep you inform girl

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