Can my husband join me

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I'm belgian and going to move back to Belgium in a few months. Once in Belgium I will apply for a job and work. Can my husband join me? Can he apply for a family reinification even though I just moved back to my country?

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In theory, the answer is yes. But this will depend on several factors, of which here is a non-exhaustive list:
- was the marriage registered by an embassy
- do you think you have enough capital to provide a decent standard of living for you and your family for at least six months?
- job
- accommodation
- depending on the nationality, the procedures go +/- quickly ...
- ...

Hey thank you for your reply!

The mariage was done abroad but I registered it  with the embassy right away about a year ago.

Accomodation we can rent something as soon as we get to Belgium. I even have family with who I can stay with.

As for the job I would have to find one when I get to belgium but I believe I should get one in the first 2 weeks max.

My husband works in IT he should be able to find a job in Belgium but how long do you think before he could get a work permit? Can he work with the orange card?

If the marriage has been registered. He will automatically be entitled to the residence card of family member of a Belgian national. And he will be exempted from a work permit.

Regarding housing, it must be in adequacy with your family. So no question of putting a couple with several children one bedroom ...

Your income will be considered viable if you have at least integration income (+/- 900 €) + 150 € / dependent

However, be careful about social security. If it has been more than two years since you left the territory, you are not known by mutual health insurance. So the first of you who will win a contract of employment will automatically be registered with the Belgian social security. The rest of the family will be taken care of. But there will be a waiting period of more or less long duration. So it would be worthwhile to have an affiliation budget for private medical coverage. The easiest would be the DKV. This is not the cheapest, but it is the most known / accepted in Belgium.

And regarding your husband, whatever his skills, he will have to go through the equivalence process. The following courses are:

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