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Hello I am indian living in Brazil since November 2016 ..I am married to Brazilian citizens in April 2017 . I got my protocol in may . And rne number in October . And CIE in November ..
MY QUESTION IS  after how many time I can apply for citizenship of Brazil ??  How they calculate 1 year ?? After marriage or after getting RNE ?

look on your CIE use the data de expeditcão.


3 November 2017. .it shows. . so i have to wait till next November ??

1 year After Complete issue date.

Thank you

Hi Chiragkumar,

Congratulations! I am an Australian, married to a Brazilian since January 2015. We live mostly in Australia but have been here for six months and will stay until mid next year. We plan to spend half our time in Australia and half in Brazil.

My tourist visa is about to expire and I want to apply for the permanent partner (viper?) visa here. How do I go about doing that?

My parter has a permanent visa in Australia, well is in the process of obtaining it, as it generally takes three years in Australia to process.

I'd appreciate any help on this topic!



Well , Brazil burocracia Is one of the worst in world .for that you need to go to policia federal . Before go there must fill protocol online on Brazil police federal website.take this protocol copy ,
marriage documents reconhecimento from cartório .
Copy of your whole passport including blank page . Also reconhecimento by cartório .
Declaração of no crime certificate will get this from police federal just need to fell all detail and also recognised by cartório .. for that you need to abri firma . On that firma you will recognise ..
Photo copy of your wife RG ALSO RECOGNISE
One other paper you will get from police federal that is declaration that you still married .. you both need to reconhecimento this document where you abri firma . That's it .
After submitting all this document you need to take your nearest police federal .
And with in week they will give you RNE(PERMENT RESIDENCY ) AND IN 35 DAYS YOU WILL GET YOUR CIE CARD .

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