Bank Account for S.P.C Under formation


I applied for CR in September, the CR was approved on 13th september, but for license, i had to do alot of things, NOC, memorandum etc etc

One of the major thing is bank account, i went to 5/6 major banks
Few said they dont make account for company under formation, and few others told me to bring 6 month bank statement, i didnt have account in bahrain, so only in my home country, i’m  in Bahrain since march 2017, so not alot of money was going in that accounts, so they ask me the capital should in that account.

Ithemar told me that they can make the account but 5000 Bd will be freeze for 3 months

So i have 2 questions

1) i was able to make 1 personal account in Al baraka bank few days back, can i use that personal account to show my capital to get the license for my SPC CR?

2) which bank can make an account for company under formation easily ?

Without license i can’t go anything, i have the clients but i can’t work, i can’t get the visa

Please if anyone can guide me regarding this


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