How tough is getting a permanent job in India back from Malaysia?

Hi there,

I have 3.5 years of experience in software development, recently I got an offer from Malaysia as contractor which is initially for 1 year and will be extended further depending on my performance.
Here in India I am working in a reputed MNC with take home salary of 50K INR, The offer which I hold in Malaysia will pay me 7000MYR.

Please suggest me whether it will be good move by considering this offer, and how tough is getting a permanent job back in India (When I decide to come back to India after aprox 2 years)?

You will need a work permit in Malaysia and as you describe the "job" as being a "contractor" I was wondering if the company (or the outsourcer) was going to apply for the employment pass for you?

If you could translate your Indian salary into RM equivalent it would be helpful. The salary you mentioned is the typical level for software engineers and you can live on about RM4 per month as a single person.

First of all Thank you so much Gravitas.
The current salary in India is 4000MYR, and yes my payroll would be with outsourcer, and they will be applying for employment pass/Visa.
The location of the Job in heart of KL city.

Just to confirm (as there is a typo) it would be possible to live on RM4k per month. If you like entertainment involving alcohol, then RM5k+ per month. So savings will depend on your lifestyle.

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