Belgian abroad and Married - Family Reunification

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I have a bit of a complex situation. I'm a Belgian woman that has left Belgium many years ago and now I would like to go back to my country and bring my husband with me (NON-EU citizen). Our marriage has been registered with the embassy more than a year ago. 

I know the main requirements for Family reunification is that the Belgian person has a job and minimum income. Obviously once in Belgium I can get a job. But the problem is that I will only be able to show the immigration that I've started to work recently and that might be something they could find "Not stable enough"?

Also what kind of visa should he eventually apply to enter the country. Shengen or Long-term stay?

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Anne -
My husband is also a Belgian citizen, and we are leaving the USA on Dec 18 to go live there. I am a US citizen, and I applied for a Schengen visa - the part that took the longest for me was to get copies with apostilles of our marriage certificate and my birth certificate. In order for my Schengen visa to be approved, we had to have proof of a “sponsor” in Belgium - my husbands father sent proof of his residence, a letter that we had a place to stay once we arrived in Belgium, and we also had to send proof that we paid 200 euros in Belgium for my residence permit once I get there. I also had to send proof of travel health insurance. Once all the paperwork was in at the local consulate, it was approved very quickly. My advice is to find someone at the consulate where you are applying for the Schengen visa who can help you with the process. So far it has been pretty easy - not sure how it will look once I get there! But to answer your question, my husband didn’t have a job or residence in Belgium, and we still found a way to apply for the visa. Hope that helps

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