Moving to India. Needed tips

Hi, all. It seems I'll have to move to India in a few months because of the work. Could you please give me some tips, what I need to prepare already now? For example, one my friend says I have to pepper my food more already now to get used to the food in India. What else? Maybe I should to think over something already now.

Your friend gave you a good advice about food. If you aren't used to the peppered food, it is better to begin doing it now. But you shouldn't worry about it. There are many kinds of dishes in India, you will find, what is good for you.
Also, I guess you need to think about medicine. Maybe you need to take some pills every day. So it would be better if you had them for first months.
And it would be good, if you knew about your future apartment and conditions in it. For example, lots of the flats are without an air conditioner. So you need to think, where to buy such device in advance. For example, you would like to get a portable air conditioner [link moderated] (here you can see, how it looks), so better to arrange the purchase for first days of your arrival from your current home. Because of lots new emotions, people and conditions it will be difficult for you to buy some necessary details for your flat.   
If you need some details, feel free to ask.

As per my opinion, There is no need to prepare food like things,b'coz you can get many dishes here. You have to prepare where nd what type of area you have to stay.What type of apartment you hv to choose.If you need any type of help then let me know also.I would like to help here in India.

It is not very difficult to adapt to food habits in India.  You do not necessarily have to eat spicy food. Your system is used to bland or less spicy food so go slow.  There is enough here for you to slowly adapt to food habits that suits your pallet.

Since you are a working lady, it is only your business lunches that would sometimes be totally Indian. However, working lunches and otherwise, you would have plenty of choice for continental food.

The other thing you need to get used to is the traffic conditions, depending on which part of India / city you are moving into. Unlike in the US, the roads are congested during peak hours hence, do keep a good margin when you travel.  Good to start learning a few Hindi words which can come in handy when you deal with your house help, service providers and visit local markets, etc.   It is a friendly country and you will enjoy learning a foreign language.

There are good Malls in most of the locations where you can find practically everything under one roof.  Go to branded and reputed stores for quality stuff.


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So things to prepare for NOW - you're going to a very hot, very poor country. It is very dependent on where you'll be what you need to bring with you. Medically, get all your prescriptions filled for that time being. You can find them in India cheaply usually, but sometimes it can be difficult as a new foreigner. As someone who lives in a region that doesn't have high malaria rates, realize you may be at risk to get malaria, and no it's not fun to get the meds. And also there's an entire country here that don't take those meds. Anyway, IF you decide to take them, get the ones you take once a week. Go to the doc and get all your shots, a tetanus booster, and a rabies shot (you never know and they last for some time).

Figure out banking - it's easy to use Western Union to transfer money but if you can, find a bank like mine - doesn't charge any conversion fees, nor foreign transaction fees, nor other ATM fees. Message me if you want my small local bank which is a miracle worker for foreign travel. Get someone to help you figure out banking in India. It's a pain in the butt, and India controls money movement, among other things, much more heavily than the US does.

If you have size 9 feet or bigger, bring good shoes. You'll eventually find somewhere that has size 9 shoes. You can also buy online. Bras are also something that I would suggest you bring. It will save you any embarrassment.

Even if you're in a big city, bring clothes that cover you. People will always stare. Hawkers are a nightmare up north - don't even bother being nice to them when they're pushy!

Food - well you'll get used to it or find something you like! There's lots! If you're ever in the south, dosa(i) and idly (idlli) are delicious and not very spicy.

The actual biggest thing I would say is that after you land, find someone who speaks the local language, get them near where ever it is you live, and make certain they help you find the closest chicken, beef, pork, and fish butchers, the local veggie and fruit market, and the regular store. Make certain they tell you prices of lots of things so that you know that you're not being ripped off. The prices do fluctuate, but you'll have a better grasp. Better yet, get them to tell the local shop person that if they give you a good price, you'll always go to them. Saves you having to be worried about being ripped off.

Buy a pressure cooker (in India) - you will need it to cook fresh beef especially. This is because in the US they let beef hang for like 10 days and here it was killed that morning, so the meat is tough. Also it will help you cook lentils which are a huge ingredient in lots of Indian cooking.

Learn to cook local dishes. It will save you TONS of money and TONS of time going back and forth to the big grocery store to buy western products. Oil, milk, salt, sugar, flour - these all come in plastic pouches, so you need containers in your kitchen to hold them.

I have like a million and one more things to add to this, but NO TIME! Talk later. :)


It all depends on which place in India you are moving to. Because India is unique. Each place has its own requirements. If it's metro cities ( Example: Delhi/ Mumbai/Bengaluru) then you will find all the requirements of you. So if you be precise where then I think I can help you more

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Hi there.. food here is quite spicy.. I can tell you more about happening places  in delhi!! Have a pleasant stay here!!

hey Anna,

i might be real late to reply on this.

However my take on this should be :-

drink only bottled water.

try to stay in as much as possible.

avoid late night going out by yourself.

always be in some reliable company.

avoid crowded places.

try using cabs , have the contact number on your name only.

do not carry any material to keep or eat from unknown source.

be careful in case of drinks , dont drink and drive.

avoid exposing short clothes.

rest i am sure u can have a comfort stay .

stay in touch if needed.

i am based in Gurgaon near to delhi.



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