Looking for a bank job in KL

Could someone help me to get a bank job in KL. I am now in KL. I have 17+ years banking experience. I am vice president of a bank in Bangladesh.

I am good in treasury settlement, Swift messaging, Swift Alliance Access operation and administration, Remittance service, AML/CFT Compliance.

Best regards,
Banker Azad

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Hi Banker Azad,

Try to post an ad in the jobs in Kuala Lumpur section.

Good luck,

Thanks Christine for your kind cooperation.

Banker Azad

Forget it - senior bank jobs go to Malaysians. The only time foreigners might be employed is if they have initially been seconded to Malaysia and subsequently headhunted. These would be senior specialist jobs, such as risk managemet. But if you want to apply there is a website called efinancialcareers.

Thank you for your kind advise.

Banker Azad

Im not sure how to access the circles of financial people in KL but I think you would have better luck being taken in as a consultant. Government, banks, many companies often hire foreign consultants to help with special problems or projects. This way, they can get to know your abilities and that can lead to a permanent or long term position. This effort will need creativity on your part to land a consultancy with a bank but it can be done. As an example, what are the biggest problems facing banks now, is it security? If you have expertise in this area you can offer yourself on a temporary basis and see what happens. Dont be afraid to try.

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