Docs required to get married in Romania

Hi there, I'm from Singapore and my boyfriend is a Romanian. We've been together for years and planning to get married in Romania next year. But before we can further plan our marriage, we are still not quite sure what docs are required and the steps. As a foreigner, do I require to apply for any visa to get married in Romania? Or would the visit visa of 90days suffice for me to get married.

These are the docs I read from a site:

- Certified copy of the foreigner birth certificate with a notarized translation in Romania (obtained from a Romanian notary) or, if the birth certificate is not available, a notarized statement given at a Romanian notary public summarizing the data in the foreigner's passport and including the parents' names (accepting such a statement in place of a birth certificate is at the discretion of the Romanian authorities).

- Notarized statement (affidavit) that the foreigner citizen is free to marry, obtained at the foreigner's Embassy in Romania.

- Prenuptial Certificate (Health Certificate) for both the foreigner and the Romanian citizen, obtained from a clinic in the city where your marriage will take place.

- Certified copy of proof of the termination of any and all previous marriages, with a translation in Romanian (i.e. divorce/annulment decrees, death certificates)

Are all those the docs required or there is/are more?

Also, if there is any info for me and my boyfriend to know about marriages in Romania do let us know!

Thank you!

This list is incomplete.  It would be better that you use the official source, which is the Primaria in the locality which you'll be married.  They list the current requirements on their websites.

Also, there is a long established topic on this which you should find useful to read:
Getting Married in Romania

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We were able to have our civil wedding in Romania just last month. You can marry with only a visit visa. In your case, you don't need to apply since you are allowed entry up to 90 days.

You must bring the following documents with you:
1. Birth certificate
2. Certificate of no marriage
Both documents MUST be attested by the Romanian embassy in your country.

Once you reach Romania, you have to go to the ministry of foreign affairs and present your documents for them to issue the final stamp. There is no fee for this.

Next, your documents must be translated to Romanian.

You need to also secure a certificate of no impediment to marry. You can get it from your country's embassy in Romania. If you don't have an embassy there, which was my case, I had to get a notarized affidavit from any lawyer in Romania confirming that I am not married.

You need to also have a medical test for each of you and your spouse. I think it cost 30 Lei. I couldn't remember exactly.

You can then submit all your documents, including that of your spouse's birth certificate and national ID to the city hall (Primaria) where your spouse has an ESTABLISHED residency.

If you don't speak Romanian, you must also find a government approved translator to be present in your wedding. It would cost you about 100Lei.

You will then wait for 11 days and they will confirm with you when your schedule to marry will be.

The wedding rite itself doesn't take too long. In less than 15 minutes after signing all the documents, all your hard work should be done.

Make sure to have your marriage certificate apostilled.

Best of luck!

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