Any Musicians here who loves rock music?

Any musicians here who loves rock music? We have a lot to talk about. I play music and loves anything from Punk Rock to Thrash Metal. Hit me up.

I am a metal head myself!! They are hard to find here in KSA...haha   If you at least want to jam to some music and talk metal, shoot me a message. I use to play drums in a metal band when I was 16 to 19 years old but my left ear drum has been badly damaged so I had to step away from them many years ago.

I have been stuck on my acoustic guitar for a while now. If you want to just strum over some drinks (if I can get my hands on some)  or play some metal.....hit me up man

Where are you from?

Former thrash metal drummer here looking for a band.

contact or join  the facebook page Jeddah music community

Thanks Wael however I live in the eastern province. Any suggestions or similar communities for Dhahran/Khobar area?

Hey guys .. I'm a guitarist .. if you are still available please send me and we can organise a jam

Metal guitarist here. If anyone has a drum set, let's jam.

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