Startup Visa

For your information:
On the 6th of November, at the Web Summit, it was announced the launch of the StartUp Visa program, within the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship (designated as StartUp Portugal). This was, starting from January 1st of 2018 young foreign entrepreneurs that want to open a company with innovative ends in our country, will have the chance to access a residency visa that will allow them to create or move their startups to Portugal.
The aplications for the StartUp Visa should be submitted through an online platform created exclusively for this purpose, which will be available from January of the next year, and access to this program will be conditioned to previous inspection by the IAPMEI (Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation) and of the project’s economical and innovative potential, the business’s scalability, the market potential, the management team’s ability, the potential for the creation of new skilled job places in Portugal and the importance of the residency visa seeker on team. There won’t be a minimum investment value, as there is for a Golden Visa, but residency will depend on the startups potential to, within the three years of what is called the incubation period, reach a value of € 325.000, or a turnover of over € 500.000.

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