Moved to Hanoi with cats and dog

Hi there,

I just moved to Hanoi with my husband and our pets, 1 dog and 2 cats.
For pets products especially good cat litter, do you guys have any recommendation for pets shops?
There is a pet shop near our place in Tay ho area, but they only have two types of litters and our cats do not love them. (We have been using compressed wood powder litter for over 3 years.)
And how do you guys find a trustful dog sitter when you need to go on holiday?

Thanks alot!!


Hi Kiki,

we are considering moving into Vietnam with out two cats (Sphynx cat). From your experience, was the moving with your pets painfull process? I mean byrocracy, quarantine and so on? Do you have any tips? :-)

Thank you so much


I'm also very interested in this topic. I will move to VN in about 5-6 years for early retirement and was wondering about bringing pets to VN. I'm sure it's probably easier than bringing pets back from VN if they were not originally from the states. Appreciate any info.

Sorry can't help with the cat litter. I did noticed that Hanoi was more pet friendly than Saigon.

Hi Kiki,

If you use Facebook, there is a Facebook group called "Hanoi Pet Lovers".
There you can learn/ask everything about pet products as well as pet sitting.

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