Interesting customs and traditions in South Korea

Hello everyone,

Living outside of our home country requires us to adapt to a new culture and different traditions. What are some of the cultural specifics in South Korea?

What are some of the traditional beliefs and cultural practices that you have encountered in South Korea that are different to your home country?

Tell us a bit more about some of the customs that you’ve found interesting, such as communication style, food, greetings, laws, or festivities.

What were your initial reactions and how did you adapt to them?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Everything is completely different from what it used to be in the west. I don't find it interesting as the people are not ready to embrace civilization; they are only interested in learning and speaking our language but don't give a damn about learning our culture and all sort.
They study and compete hardly though and the monthly payment is commensurate to individual's effort...I think they deserve a kudos in this aspect.

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