Interesting customs and traditions in Ethiopia

Hello everyone,

Living outside of our home country requires us to adapt to a new culture and different traditions. What are some of the cultural specifics in Ethiopia?

What are some of the traditional beliefs and cultural practices that you have encountered in Ethiopia that are different to your home country?

Tell us a bit more about some of the customs that you’ve found interesting, such as communication style, food, greetings, laws, or festivities.

What were your initial reactions and how did you adapt to them?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Communication. No problem is a common word, but always becomes a problem. For example when on  transport or asking the price on goods you are told no problem give what you think. But it is never the price and starts a disagreement.
I always say it is a problem and ask for the right price first. Know ahead of time before you reach your destination or goods are wrapped how much they are.

Hi Priscilla,

My name is Mulugeta from Canada, Originally from Ethiopia. Are you planning to live in Ethiopia or just for a visit ? any ways, I go to Ethiopia almost every 2 years and so for vacation time, Its a nice place to live and work. Nice weather almost year to end sunshine, 3 months rainy season but not that cold. But in the same country you could see a variety of weather depending on your location. Ethiopia is a majority Orthodox Christian country, the indigenous food  is called Enjera ( a thin bread or pita like) made of a grain called Teff which is grown only in Ethiopia to be eaten with Wot (a kind of mild sauce type) . Two days a week, wed and fri. it is veggie day (no meet only vegetable) this accustomed from the orthodox religion.

Let me know if you like to hear more info, glad to help.

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