Interesting customs and traditions in Cambodia

Hello everyone,

Living outside of our home country requires us to adapt to a new culture and different traditions. What are some of the cultural specifics in Cambodia?

What are some of the traditional beliefs and cultural practices that you have encountered in Cambodia that are different to your home country?

Tell us a bit more about some of the customs that you’ve found interesting, such as communication style, food, greetings, laws, or festivities.

What were your initial reactions and how did you adapt to them?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


In the business context i found that Cambodians generally do not disagree openly.  A 'no's is not expressed specifically and i have to read between the lines.  Interesting.


Attending on a traditional wedding is one of the experiences I encountered here. Their wedding  is a long and colorful affair and it lasted for three days. Buddhist priests offer a short sermon and recite prayers of blessing.
Clothing in Cambodia is one of the most important aspects of their culture. Cambodian fashion differs according to ethnic group and social class.

No new traditions found but old traditions upgraded like party 🎉 music is louder than ever (coz of bigger and better equipment) and an other tradition having the smell of the burning garbage heaps from your neighbours in your face.
Can you adapt?

expatroel :

.... Can you adapt?



Otherwise I go back to my country or move on the middle of an isolated land !

The best ...

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