I am a 24 year old Irish girl who moved to Madrid to teach English. I love it here and the weather is getting hotter! Hoping to meet new people for social aspects and practicing languages!

Feel free to message me, look forward to hearing from you! :)


Welcome to Madrid :)! Do you like it? Have you ever visit Spain before?

Enjoy the time!


Welcome on Expat.com newinmadrid ;)

Hi Cris,

Thanks! I love it here. I visited Spain once when I was 19 years old, just for a holiday in Alicante. Trying to learn a little Spanish at the moment!

Thank Yud!

Madridchika that would be great, nice to meet ome people who know Madrid well :) Thanks for the teaching information also!

Hi! Welcome to Madrid & Expat.com! Here are some helpful & informative websites that may come in handy for teaching! :)

LingoBongo lingobongo.com/madrid/
MadridTeacher madridteacher.com/

It would be nice to meet you someday and show you around - I've been here in Madrid for 4.5 years! :D

Welcome to Madrid!!

Hope we (Madrileños) and expats make you feel welcome here!! :)

Welcome to Madrid!!!!

Thanks Foto Project and ajgc!

I am definitely being made feel very welcome, everyone I meet here is very friendly and helpful!

Yes!we´re friendly and helpful hehe!!!!

Hey! My name is Ieva , I am lithuanian and next year I am going to move to Spain. So I am looking for friends to chat and share their experience .
Take care ,

Hello Ieva!!!If you want,we could be friends in Spain hehe.Where will you live when you come to spain?

see you soon

Is there any activities on in Madrid during this first week of April?

a lot of activities!you could go to "Palacio de Cibeles".This is the citiy hall of Madrid.Is new and the entrace is free.IT´S PRETTY!

Oh, there are tons of activities going on all the time in Madrid and free! :D Check out Madrid Free madridfree.com/ and Cheap in Madrid cheapinmadrid.com/


Thanks!! I looked at both of the sites, some very good events happening in Madrid :D

Yes newinmadrid!!!!!

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here.

Hello my name is jolly I live in Madrid and my husband is Lithuanian maybe you would like to have some friends?

Hi Jolly,
Pleasure to meeting you. I would love too.
I'm from France

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