Hi Everybody! Looking the Opportunity to Work in Mauritius! Any advise

Thanks for reading this post!
Already located in Black River - Tamarin area.
Looking for a Job on Management Position in Construction, Distribution or Tourism Field.
Russian Language Native, English Fluent and a little Japanese!
A lot of experience in Business Development, Distribution, Tourism and Construction...
Will be Grate If anyone can give any information about open opportunities and different searching ways for expatriates in Mauritius...

Thank you in advance,

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Mauritius Mobile: +2307637061

Hi and welcome on Expat.com Alexey :)

I can suggest you to have a look at this article from our participative guide which contains some useful infos about finding a job!

Good luck in your hunt ;)


Thanks for answer Armand!

Already read this page... Just asking everyone may be they have a open vacancies in the place they working now or know any information about the opportunity to work personally...

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