Taxes for American Retiree in France

I have tried to research this, and I am wondering if someone can confirm or deny these impressions.

1. If I live in France less than 6 months per year, I don't pay any income tax on my US pension (but would pay in the US of course).
2. I can buy a rental place with a guaranteed income for 10 years - and possibly can find one, where I can spend a month there a year?
3. If I was to live in France more full time, then a salary of say $80,000. It seems my income tax would be 30-40% in France, but maybe less than 20% in the US alone.
4. Are there other countries nearby (e.g. Germany or Italy) with more favorable terms where one could visit France?
5. More generally, where can I get these kinds of questions answered? Come to France and sit down with a French accountant perhaps?

thank you in advance

Hi gregohb,

1. Correct see … dex_en.htm for more details
2. no idea
3. theoretically
4. Portugal is offering a 10 years tax free for european citizens but I don't know if US citizens are concerned. Morocco is also interesting.
5. You should contact a local CPA ("expert comptable" in French) by phone or email if you're not in France.

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