TEFL Without A Bachelor's

Hey Everyone --

Two questions: First, if I hold a TEFL but no Bachelor's Degree, does this mean I cannot get approved to teach in China ?  My background includes several Master-level program certificates in my field plus my HR certification.  Plus, my experience includes 9+ years as a School Director, Regional School Director, as well as Instructor ( all private schools ).

Second, does not holding a Bachelor's Degree prevent me from any employment in China ?  Specifically to HR, I have nearly 17 years experience including the above professional certifications and many years at the Director/Manager level.


PS: My Mandarin lessons are coming along nicely, but I'm still a beginner.

To obtain a Z-visa you must show that you will not take work away from a Chinese citizen.

To prove this, you need to show that you have "expert" level education and experience.  That means, BY LAW, a four-year post high school education (or equivalent) with a minimum of two years experience. Additionally, you will need to be under 55 years old to apply for the Z-visa, 60-years if renewing.

It wasn't always this way, but "bad actors" have really made things difficult for expats in China in certain areas. Best of luck.

Thanks buddy.  Very good information, I appreciate it.

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