Property Management while living abroad

Anyone who owns a property in Morocco and only use it occasionally.
1) how do you pay your bill while abroad
2) do you rent your property when not using it?  How do you collect rent, check on what condition the unit is left. give/receive the keys
3) how do you deal with unexpected repairs when you are abroad?
4) do you use property management for any of the above or all?  What are the fees. 
4) Are there property management in Morocco that provide such services?
6) how do you make sure the property management is reporting all the rents, repairs and bill payment are accurate.

Answers and help are greatly appreciated.  We are planning to purchase property in Morocco this winter but we will be using it briefly for the next 8-9 years.


I represente a property management and real estate in Marrakech (BASTET PROPERTY. please find answers to your questions.

1: some banks in Morocco a mobile application connected to Major public and semi-public services (water, electricity, internet and phones).
2: yes possible to rent it when you are outside. you can receive money in your Paypal account/european account but most of guest prefer to pay on site. for the rest you have to recruit someone (cleaning, give/receive the keys, collect payment from local guests).
3: if you recruit a cleaner or security/gardener if big property then they will take care to the repairs but you have to make sure they hire professionals otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money.
4: the property management can deal with all of the above (advertising, renting, collecting payment, repairs, cleaning service...) its either a fixed monthly salary or commission on the rent depending on the property.
5: yes
6: difficult to follow up from abroad. in our case we use a shared system with our clients that we update online daily so they can be up to date with transactions.

Feel free to contact me for any assistance

Thank you Chibi.
We will be traveling to Morocco in the winter, probably middle of February.  I will reach out to you for your real estate services for our purchase and hopefully discuss managing it while we are not in Morocco.

Thank you,

Hi Ramzi,

Feel free to contact me anytime.


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