EP status still pending for 2 weeks

Hi Guyz,

I am an Indian national and have 4 years of experience. I am changing my job for the first time and currently working in Singapore since last 2 years.
My EP was applied 2 weeks ago and it is still pending. I have a doubt that is bugging me.
The thing is I am a perm employee of company A in India and currently on onsite in Singapore as a contract employee of company B. Technically I am still an employee of company A. In my EP application I mentioned about both A(time when I was in India) and B(time when I am in Singapore).
Is it a problem to mention both even if I am still an employee of A in India so as a whole I never switched my job.

Thanks in advance!

To get a Singapore EP, you need to be employed by a Singapore-registered company - in your case company B - which must apply for your EP and pay your salary as stated in the employment contract and EP application.
Whether you have any additional commitment to a foreign company (in your case company A) does not matter at all to the Singapore authorities. But you are not allowed to work for company A while in Singapore (not even remotely) - your EP only allows work for company B.

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