Legalizing my Birth Certificate

I have an interesting issue to legalizing my Birth Certificate as the following:
- I travelled to Netherlands and tried to issue my BSN number, which I needed my Birth certificate legalized by NL embassy.

- I am an Egyptian who born in Saudi Arabia.
- I don't hold the Saudi Citizen, and when I enter it, I need a visa as anyone else.
- After I translated my Egyptian Birth Certificate, I went to Netherlands embassy in Egypt to legalize it.
- NL Embassy rejected to Legalize it as I was born in another country, and they asked me to go to the ministry of Foreign affairs in Saudi Arabia to legalize it then go to Netherlands embassy in Saui to legalize it.

What they are asking are IMPOSSIBLE to occur as I am not a Saudi citizen.
Any advise ?


Try this ...

1) Saudi Embassy in Cairo.
2) Ministry of Foreign affairs of Egypt.
3) NL Embassy in Cairo.

I think if you passed p#1 you may carry on with the rest.

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